Parallel Sessions


There will be 13 parallel sessions, and at most 7 simultaneously.
The rôle of the parallel session coordinators is to select among the proposed contributions those which will be accepted in the colloquium and to decide whether a given contribution will have 30 or 20 minutes oral presentation or poster session presentation. The proposals must be made in the registration page, including a title and an abstract. In case additional information is needed, the parallel session’s coordinators can be contacted directly.


Physics-oriented sessions:

P1. Atomic and Molecular Physics, Quantum Chemistry
P2. Condensed Matter, Crystallography, Quasi-crystals
P3. Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astroparticles
P4. Biology, Complex Systems, Statistical Mechanics
P5. Classical and Quantum Optics, Quantum Information
P6. Classical and Quantum Theories, Quantum Measurement
P7. Classical, Semi-classical and Quantum Chaotic Systems


Mathematics-oriented sessions:  

M1. General Relativity, Cosmology and Differential Geometry
M2. Quantum Field Theory in Minkowski and Curved Space times, Conformal and Topological Field Quantum Theories, Algebraic Topology
M3. Algebraic Methods, Deformations and Generalizations: Hopf algebras, Quantum Groups, W-algebras
M4. Quantum Gravity, Strings, Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Cosmology
M5. Integrable, Super-integrable and Quasi-integrable Systems, Non-linear Systems, Superalgebras, Supersymmetry
M6. Lie algebras and Groups, Clifford algebras, Representation Theory, Special Functions


P1. Nelson Velho (UFRJ, Rio; faria at, Ginette Jalbert (UFRJ, Rio; ginette at, Alexandre Braga da Rocha (UFRJ, Rio; rocha at
P2. Tobias Micklitz (CBPF, Rio; tobias at, Nami Svaiter (CBPF, Rio; nfuxsvai at, Humberto Belich (UFES, Vitoria; belichjr at, Jean-Pierre Gazeau (U. Paris Diderot, Paris, gazeau at
P3. Sergio Duarte (CBPF, Rio; sbd at,  Hilário Gonçalves  (CEFET-RJ, Rio; harg at, Ulisses Barres (CBPF, Rio; ulisses at
P4. Richard Kerner (UPMC, Paris; richard.kerner at, Piergiulio Tempesta (ICMAT, Madrid; piergiulio.tempesta at, Fernando Nobre (CBPF, Rio; fdnobre at
P5. Antonio Zelaquett Khoury (UFF, Rio, khoury at, Ivan Oliveira (CBPF, Rio; Ivan at, Roberto Sarthour (CBPF, Rio; sarthour at, Alexandre Martins (CBPF, Rio; amsouza at
P6. Maurice de Gosson (U. Vienna; at
P7. Caio Lewenkopf (UFF, Rio; caio at
M1.  Ívano  Soares (CBPF, Rio; ivano at, Richard Kerner (UPMC, Paris; richard.kerner at
M2. Ugo Moschella (U. Studi dell'Insubria Varese; ugo.moschella at, Jose HelayÎl (CBPF, Rio; helayel at
M3.  Lígia  Rodrigues (CBPF, Rio; ligia at, Marco Rego-Monteiro (CBPF, Rio; regomont at, Oleg Ogievetsky (CPT, Marseille; ogievetsky at
M4. Quantum Gravity, Strings, Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Cosmology: Resp. Simone Speziale (CPT, Marseille; simone.speziale at, Nelson Pinto (CBPF, Rio, nelsonpn at, Ricardo Scherer (UFRRJ, Rio; rscherer at
M5. Naruhiko Aizawa (Osaka Pref. U., Osaka; aizawa at, Itzhak Roditi (CBPF, Rio; roditi at, Zhanna Kuznetsova (UFABC, S„o Paulo; zhanna.kuznetsova at
M6. Jean-Pierre Gazeau (U Paris Diderot, Paris; gazeau at, Roldão Rocha (UFABC, São Paulo; roldao.rocha at



TUE (whole day), WED (only morning), THU (whole day):
9 – 10:30, Coffee break (30 min), 11 – 12:30
Lunch break (1h30 hs)
14:00 – 15h30, Coffee break (30 min), 16:00 – 18h00.

Poster sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, during coffee and lunch breaks