The Weyl Prize

The Hermann Weyl Prize was created in 2000 by the Standing Committee of the International Group Theory Colloquium.
The purpose of the Weyl Prize is to provide recognition for young scientists who have performed original work of significant scientific quality in the area of understanding physics through symmetries.
 To be eligible  for the Weyl Prize, the candidate should be either under thirty-five years of age, or be within five years of having received the doctoral degree, at the time of the deadline of the application.
 The Hermann Weyl prize consists of a certificate citing the accomplishments of the recipient, prize money  and an allowance towards attendance at the bi-annual International Group Theory Colloquium at which the award is presented.
Candidates are nominated by or through members of the Standing Committee.
The Weyl Prize Selection Committee (5 members) is elected by the Standing Committee and decides on the recipient of the prize.The prize was created in 2001.

For further information one can consult this website.